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Chapati Press Machine

The chapati press machine is used for pressing the chapatis or rotis. In commercial kitchens, it is used widely for making number of chapatis in less duration.

Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine

The fully automatic chapati making machine is used for chapatis with minimal manual labor. The machine is used for the formation of the numerous chapatis in lesser duration.


Semi Automatic Chapati Machine

The semi automatic chapati machine is used to semi cook the chapati. The machine half cooks and let the cook complete the cooking roti task in less time. therefore, productivity gets increased. 

Chapati Oven

The chapati oven is used for making the chapatis. In restaurants and hotels, the rotis have to be made in many number, which will take much time if the task is performed by humans.

Atta Kneader

The atta kneader is used for kneading the wheat flour using the water. The kneading part requires much hard work and not everyone can knead for getting softer dough.

Dough Kneader

The dough kneader is used for making the dough of wheat, maida for making many dishes like puri, roti, rolls etc. the kneader is easy to use and complete the kneading task in shorter duration.

Flour Mixer

The flour mixer is used for efficiently mixing the flours. No dry or wet lumps get created using this mixer. It is easy to operate and does not involve ouch of humans in the process.

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